Ken Kuturagi- The Aftermath

January 26, 2008

Wow was I suprised to come back and find that Ken Kuturagi no longer had a place at Sony. Well sure enough I wanted to hear from what now people call him “Krazy Ken” (or was that “Krazy Kaz”?). Sure enough I do know Ken, so I was able to set up an interview with him. The interview was in Japanese but has been translated.

SG: Hi Ken, we haven’t spoken in quite some time.
KK: Yes, things have changed.
SG: Yes, I see that you are no longer with Sony explain this to me?
KK: As I have less time for the gaming industry, I chose to step down.
SG: The desicion was yours?
KK: Yes. You see theres a time, when I have other things to do and other innovations on other platforms that are unrelated to gaming. And I would like to take care of my family. But I still overlook the PlayStation family of products.
SG: As I recall you did say something to the extent of PS3 would sell even without games? What do you have to say about that now?
KK: PS3 has had tremendous growth with games, fortunatley there were games upon launch.
SG: However, many people’s excuse for not buying a PS3 was because of the lack of games.
KK: Now we have what will become classics such as Resistance, Motorstorm, Lair, Warhawk and I could continue to go on and on. PS3 has a great lineup.
SG: Compared to other consoles the PS3 sales have been slow- what do you think the cause of this is?
KK: Sales for PS3 have been spectacular. Its important that we add PS2 sales to PS3 sales because they are backwards compatible.
SG: But when just concerning PS3?
KK: That wouldn’t be fair because PS3 sales are boosted thanks to the PlayStation brand which PS2 is part of. Overall PS3 sales are excellent.
SG: What do you think of the Wii?
KK: Like I have said previously, Wii isn’t what the PlayStation 3 is. The PS3 is a entertainment experience while Wii a great system is more of a delux toy. People buy it because they want a toy. It is nothing more than a toy.
SG: At this time it would appear Wii sales are heavily impacting PS3. So is this something that is suprising you?
KK: Wii has no sales in terms of gaming. It does have sales as a toy.
SG: Can you say then that this toy is impacting sales of the PS3 or 360?
KK: No.
SG: A while ago you said something to the extent that the Xbox 360 is chasing the PS2. Is that what the 360 is still after?
KK: The Xbox 360 cannot chase after the PS2, you might as well forget about the 360. With Cell processor PS3 is much more powerful and soon we will see it render graphics with RSX much more than anything we have seen before.
SG: Then what is the 360 going for?
KK: It is important to always remember in the technology area that Microsoft is just a bug while Sony is a lion. So with that we see that 360 is not going for anything nor going any way.
SG: So essentially your saying 360 has failed even though sales are higher than PS3?
KK: PS3 is the only gaming machine out thier in this new generation. Wii is a toy and 360 is a failed idea. Both had good concepts but couldn’t future proof the machine with low graphical abilites, poor processing, old control schemes and no high definition concepts built into the system. We have Blu-Ray, HDMI and much more to get 1080p right from the start.
SG:  Well thank you Mr. Kuturagi is was great pleasure having you here.
KK: Now, I do this because at heart I am a PlayStation engineer and it must be remembered how Sony is where gaming becomes something else, something that is much different. It was great, when we had PS1, then PS2, later PSP and now PS3. Gaming with the PlayStation family of products has been much different- a enhanced experience thanks to Sony.


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