Sith Gamer- Back and darker than ever…

January 25, 2008

A little over 2 years ago Sith Gamer a popular website following gaming was closed down- yet here I am back again. Ready to cover gaming and do what I do best- uncover those rumors. That is what Sith Gamer is known for right? The rumors… The rumors that came true. Over 2 years ago I left the gaming industry because of a violent illness and now I am back, healthy and here to bring you the news. 

  • You no longer have to be a member. Before you had to subscribe to Sith Gamer 29.99 a month, that fee is canceled.
  • I will cover all systems and platforms.
  • You can now post comments! Yes, its a very exciting feature.

Oh 2 years and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has already launched and is leading the way. And the Revolution Wii has a astounding new controller and unique name! And I honestly would of never guessed the PlayStation 3 to be in dead last, but it seems to me that the console is appearing to comeback a bit. The DS Lite is fantastic and the PSP has unrivaled medie features… Its truly extraordinary to see all these gaming systems in action.

 Anyways, what has been the past 2 years GOTYs?


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